Cigarette fondant cupcakes. So awesome. (Taken with instagram)

Taken with instagram

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New Roommate and French Maids.

  • Mitch - Hey I have a question. If I get a girl to clean the house in a french maid outfit would you approve
  • Drew - I would approve whole heartedly good sir.
  • Mitch - Good. Think Chris will?
  • Drew - Lololol awesome. More awesome is when she actually does it. As long as she goes out of her way to be sexy and try and seduce us. It's alright in my books.
  • Mitch - I'm going try to convince to not wear panties and wash the ceiling
  • Drew - YUS! I like your style.
  • Mitch - How can you not love that idea. Pretty sure Chris will approve
  • Drew - I think so too lol
  • Mitch - And just an fyi. I'm actually doing it.
  • Drew - When?
  • Mitch - I'm setting it up tmrw
  • Drew -ahahaha I've got a job interview at Sign Effects tomorrow morning at 9. So anytime after 11 is cool
  • Mitch - Not happening tmrw
  • Drew - darnit
  • Mitch - I'm arranging the day tmrw
  • Drew - ohhh
  • Mitch - I still have to convince her to go commando.
  • Drew - That may prove rather difficult. Perhaps reference how awesome Arnold was in Commando? And make a comparison?
  • Mitch - I don't think so It'll be easy enough
  • Drew - Prove me wrong. lol Prove me wrong.
  • Mitch - Ok I'm so looking forward to the french maid thing.
  • Drew - I am too now. Thanks for giving me something to look forward to. I mean, at least 2 of us will be necesssary to supervise and direct the whole operation.
  • Mitch - Agreed
  • Drew - lol
  • Mitch - Maybe I can get a team of them in. Or maybe that's a pipe dream
  • Drew - I think that that would best be described as "amibition" my friend.
  • Ambition.


Tintin by Leon

fucking love Tintin.

Taken with instagram


gizmo is chill as FUCK

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Sektor // By: Sergey

Sektor WINS.
Flawless Victory. 

My desk.


  • b moar awesome sticky note
  • Marvel Heroes picture
  • DC Heroes wallpaper
  • Spawn Origins: Volume 1 panel drawing I did
  • Headset hanging from wall
  • copy of Ghostbusters for xbox360

My work here is done.

Good night everyone.


Wild Snorla~.. wait